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July 26, 2007



alamak sedapnyaaaaaaa! ini kena cari durian lagi nih. i will def try to make it. i just wish i cud find daun kunyit. anyway, wil def let u kno kalau i buat ok? thnaks for the recipe Nina.


Raya sakan lah besok saya ni.
Besok lepas lari, terus ke super88market cari durian.

"Tak sabar rasanya menunggu hari esok"
ewah, berpuisi pulak.

Terima kasih banyak-banyak ya Dik Nina:))


Oh you are naughty Nina! I bet he would love it, but I won't be able to make it, will I?

Today am doing chicken satay with lots of garlic and sambal olek, which I did last week in Switzerland at Ms. Mac's house. It was divine!


hey nina,

caucasian reader number two checking in...
is tempoyak a fermented durian, as my Googling suggests, or can this be made with reg'lar old frozen (or fresh) durian? think i'll have to wait until i'm alone to make this one, but i'd like to try it...


Hi Mark, yes, tempoyak is (originally) fermented durian but...it is not as complicated as it sounds as the durian is fermented only with salt.

Yes, you can substitute it with fresh durian flesh. At least, this is what I normally do. So far, it has worked out totally authentic (so she says:-))

Do let me know if you try to reproduce this. Just as a precaution - durian can cause 'body heat' to rise (the yin and yang - hot and cold... Durian is hot)

Thanks for living a note here. See you around.

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