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August 16, 2007



(i'm writing this down, gonna cook this later!) but i think i'm gonna use tomato puree! it does look good nina!!

(p.s you only cook malay food every 2-3 weeks? i dont think i can cope not having rice and all that oil that long.. i envy you) ;)



We have rice every week. Either with Thai or Indian...or some times risotto too. At times, I also make different pilaf to have with grilled meat and salad...Not Malay but still rice :-)

I find that Malay food is very much a 'comfort' food for me. When I am down/stress, Malay food is the best!

Right now, I am cooking a lot of Japanese and Italian. I have my cooking phases :-))

There's nothing to envy... You are such a good Malay cook (I have been taking notes :-))



i've only recently started cooking. we take things for granted when we're back home you see.. how the stalls are much more convinient and how maids used to do everything! i came here and i grew to love cooking (by no means good), dont be fooled by the photos!

we have our indian nights, our malay nights, our pasta nights but my skills are really limited! i'm into thai these days and corriander is my fav crav.

i need to get away from cooking malay food coz we're growing sideways!!


Hi Nina,

Just wanted to ask you where you get your pandanus leaves in Amsterdam...seems like I see them here or there, but nowhere consistently...

thanks for any suggestions!

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